There are three main steps to the home staging process:

STEP 1. HOME ASSESSMENT An evaluation of your property to identify and prioritize areas requiring attention.
STEP 2. HOME PREPPING Editing and prepacking of items, a thorough cleaning of your home, painting and minor home repairs.
STEP 3. HOME STAGING Skillful arrangement and placement of furniture, art and accessories to show your home at its best.

Having a professional home stager go through this process with you is invaluable because your home will be looked at objectively. A stager can see the flaws you have come to ignore over the years and will identify all the minor fixes that need to be looked after. In addition, the time and money you've invested into personalizing your home to your individual taste can sometimes be a deterrent to potential buyers. Within 5 minutes of looking at a property, buyers already have made an opinion in the first 2 minutes. A stager will work on drawing attention to your home's attributes, thereby increasing your chances in creating that first impression that will capture buyers emotions so they will want to make an offer.

Studies have shown occupied homes that had not sold were previously on the market as un-staged properties. Those same homes were taken off the market, staged, and re-listed and were sold in record time.

"Price will bring interest, but staging will bring in offers."

Gary Keller,
Keller Williams