We offer 4 levels of service:

DIY Consultation. This service is a great option for the homeowner with a good eye for design and has the confidence to stage their own home but would like confirmation and guidance from a professional. We walk through the exterior and interior of your home and discuss your home's best features, problem areas, paint colours, repairs, room functions, furniture layouts, etc. We also give our recommendations for how to stage your home before listing it for sale. You will have lots of information and ideas to execute your project. At your request, we can provide you a quote should you change your mind and decide you would like us to return to do the staging.

Basic. This service is where we come into your home to edit and organize, arrange and accessorize, tweak and fine tune the layout and design of your house. We do our best working only with what you have to improve your home's presentation.

Signature. Our most effective service to obtaining the results that you would expect from hiring a professional home stager. We bring in lamps, art and accessories while working with most of your own furnishings, and, if necessary, we arrange to bring in furniture rentals. Floor layouts are perfectly arranged, and all the finishing touches are applied. Your home will be prepared to achieve the best sales impact possible.

Premium. Our basic or signature service including project coordination for any prep work. We will help you with the project from start to finish and task coordinate any services required by third party contractors to prepare your home for the final staging.

Our Signature service is done in two visits, covering steps 1 and 3 in the home staging process

First, is the Pre-Staging Consultation where an assessment of the exterior and interior of your property is done. You will be assigned with a list of things to do around your house to prepare it before staging. This meeting also allows us to develop a design plan for staging your home. A staging quote will be provided and emailed to you with a contract. 

Second, is when we come back to Stage/Showcase your home. We require at least 5 business days prior to scheduling this visit once the contract has be accepted.

Other Services:
Vacant Home Staging
Interior Decorating & Styling
Personal Shopping
Colour Consultation